Calling Features

Activate smarter business converstions with a full set of advanced features

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Unlimited Calling

Unlimited Calling


Make and receive calls right from your laptop, with no additional hardware required.

Auto Attendant

Customized and professional automated greetings and menu options

Call Queue

Route callers to the next available person, person with most idle time, or ring everyone at the sametime.

Call Routing

Route calls to users, departments, or queues based on pre selected criterias

Ring Groups

Calls automatically ring to specified departments/groups

Call Parking

Place calls on hold & pick them up on another phone.

Time Based Greetings

Customized messaging for holidays or special hours.

Extension Dialing

Reach all users in your org, even other locations

Busy Lamp Field

See who's on the phone via your phone display.

Call Rejection

Allows you to block incoming calls from specific telephone numbers.

Call Waiting

Get notified on a call when someone else is calling.

Request Caller Name

Have the caller annouce who they are before you accept the call.

Caller ID

A visual display shows who is calling you.


Have a three way conversation - or more!

Company Directory

Find users' extensions by first and last name.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to other users or departments.

Consulted Transfer

Announce the caller prior to transferring.

Music on Hold

Let your callers hear music or recorded audio.

Call Recording

Record all calls or per call.

Call Pickup

Pick up a call from one extension on another.

Speed Dial

Use the line keys to enable one-touch dialing.

Do Not Disturb

Send all incoming calls directly to voicemail.

Interoffice Paging

Page the whole office or by extension.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another number, user, or device.


Let users leave a message when you're unavailable.

Stability features

Activate smarter business converstions with a full set of advanced features

Call Continuity

Your service stays up, even if your internet or power goes down.


Set an address where responders can send help.

Simultaneous Ring

Ring on multiple devices so you'll never miss a call.

Directory Assistance

More accessibility so customers can reach you.

Phone number Optimization

Number Porting

Keep your existing numbers we'll port them for free.

Direct Number

Get a new main office number from Voyte

Fax Number

Send faxes without tying up your phone line or email for sending and receiving faxes.

Toll Free Number

Sound more professional with a toll free number.

Vanity Number

Get a numnber that repeats or spells out a word.

Management Tools

Activate smarter business converstions with a full set of advanced features

Admin Panel

Manage features & functions on users/extensions.

User Panel

Users can customize their own options.

Call Logs

Call records for your account or specific users.


Analyze your calling traffic and history.

Additional Services

Fax/ eFax Support

Faxing services always on, even if the internet is down


Secure SIP and Encrypted Voice

Edgemarc Routers

Multi-service gateways for SIP & hosted environments


Reduce distracting background noise and aid concentration for calls

Cordless Phones

Go hands free with cordless solutions

Conference Phones

360 Speaker and Mic conference phonesto hear and capture everyone